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Ceylon Organic Tea - One-of-a-Kind, Exotic Tasting, Non-GMO Certified

Product Image Organic Lemongrass Tea - Poured from Embassy House Pouch

Organic Lemongrass Tea - A Strong Citrus Like Tea, Great When You Feel Under The Weather (No Caffeine)

$ 7.95

What is Organic Lemongrass Tea  - Long wide bladed lemongrass plants blended with ginger root.  No caffeine

Weight - 2.0 ounces / 56.70 grams

Typical Infusions - 35 to 40 cups, serve hot, reuse 3-5 times within 24 hours

Taste -  Clean, crisp tasting, biting citrus sensation, eases symptoms of flu and stomach aches 

Pairings - Best served alone, very hot, in a mug 


  1. Loose Lemongrass and Ginger Tea on a white background (zoom enabled)
  2. Infused tea - white cup
  3. Infused tea - glass cup
  4. Packaging - self-seal, plastic lined, paper envelope. Label information includes tea name, ingredients, contact information, UPC codes, weight, USDA Organic Label, and Sri Lanka Lion Authenticity Label.

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