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Ceylon Organic Tea - One-of-a-Kind, Exotic Tasting, Non-GMO Certified

Product Image Tea Gift Basket by Susie - Yellow Blossom

Susie's Tea Gift Basket - Yellow Blossom

$ 125.00

Generic Contents Include And Vary Slightly:

  1. Six Your Loose Teas Pouches - Green, Chai, Black Ginger, Rooibos, Lemongrass, Earl Grey (all certified USDA Organic)
  2. Tea Mug (ceramic, shapes and color vary)
  3. Tea Leaf Strainer (metal) or natural paper tea bags
  4. Tea Spoon (metal)
  5. Napkins (colors vary)
  6. Walkers Natural Short Breads
  7. Wicker Basket (size and style vary)